Dia De Los Muertos is more than what you think.


Dia De Los Muertos is not meant to be halloween or meant to be scary. Dia De Los Muertos is celebrated yearly from October 31st-November 2nd. The celebration goes beyond just making skulls and painting faces. It is a way for families to remember loved one's that have passed away by building a "catrina" in memory of them or even taking a tequila bottle to the cemetery in good spirits to remember good times. There are countless ways many people celebrate Dia De Los Muertos from a variety of traditions and cultures but ultimately each tradition has the same purpose, which is to cherish the memories of loved one's and celebrate the lives they lived, specifically the children that have passed away. 

"Other traditions include sleeping in the graveyard next to the altars, or dancing in the graveyard wearing traditional shells tied to the clothing in order to wake the dead.
Public schools and government offices are not exempt from the celebrations. Shrines and altars are not only found in private homes, but schools and offices as well. The tradition of Dia De Los Muertos is sacred to the Mexican people. It is more than just a holiday; it is part of their heritage."

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