A tequila that's refined for the palate,
fit for royalty. 


Tequila El Rey

Preserving the legacy of the sweet blue agave, nestled in the rich soil surrounding Mount Tequila, Mexico emerges El Rey, a tequila rooted in tradition—reimagined for a contemporary palette. Our smooth 100% Agave tequila is a unique treasure that took years to formulate to perfection.

This is a refined spirit that will excite the taste buds of the most cynical connoisseur from the streets of Jalisco and reform the most novice drinkers worldwide.

Our tequila is complemented by a towering chalice, crowned in transparent glass that glows of sophistication. 


Traditional Tequila

Handcrafted in small batches


The Distillery

The Cascahuín legacy started in 1904 with Salvador Rosales Briseno. At an early age, Salvador dedicated himself to learning everything he could about tequila from his uncle Eleodoro Sanchez Ocampo who worked for Tequila Fortuna. The name Cascahuín, which means “hill of light” in the pre-Hispanic language of Náhuatl, is in reference to a hill in El Arenal, Jalisco where the distillery is located. The soil in the region is red and rich in minerals, attracting lightning during monsoon season.

Tequila Cascahuín has participated in large projects with the Regional Chamber of the Tequila Industry, engaged in government negotiations with the Tequila Branch Council and has been instrumental in the development of the standard with the Regional Chamber. The Regional Chamber’s regulation is fundamental, because it stipulates how tequila should be developed.

Quality is essential; Tequila cannot be changed because it is imbued with an essence, an original flavor that transcends the sweetness of the agave. The objective of those who form Tequila Cascahuín is to position the tequila industry and in particular, the national aperitif, in the realm of excellence.


Commitment to the Environment

For about 100 years, tequila makers have unknowingly caused the agave plant to become weaker and susceptible to disease by growing agave using shoots from the base of the mother plant. This practice of cloning does not allow the exchange of genetic material which has made the entire crop one large genotype. Without genetic diversity the plants cannot build resistance to any diseases that come along.

As of now, Tequila Cascahuin is one of a few tequila producers that are participating in an effort that allows 2% of their succulents to bloom and attract pollinators. Allowing this natural sexual cycle enables the plants to evolve and develop natural defense mechanisms as well as provide food to wildlife that feed off the nectar.


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