Tequila El Rey - Light and Easy


Tequila Connoisseur Lou Agave was able to get a taste of our 6-bottle's starting with the three traditional bottles such as Añejo, Reposado and blanco and then moved on to our flavors Strawberry, Pineapple/coconut and Hibiscus. Lou Breaks down the tradition of our well-respected distillery named Cascahuín and gives a background story of how the tequila is made and our goals with establishing Tequila El Rey. Lou was a big fan our Silver/Blanco tequila and depicts the different taste each tequila delivers. Lou describes Tequila El Rey as a tequila suitable for everyone as it is very tasteful and enjoyable for all tequila tasting fans. 

"Tequila El Rey is a brand produced at the legendary Tequila Cascahuín Distillery in the valle region of Jalisco at NOM 1123.The distillery is owned by Salvador Rosales Torres and is run by Salvador and his son Salvador Rosales Trejo - (SEE BELOW). They produce Cascahuín Tequila, Revolucion, Siembra Valles, Siembra Valles Ancestral, Trianon, and Tequila El Rey among others. Trust me.... that is an impressive lineup. Cascahuín- meaning "hill of light" in the pre-Hispanic language of Náhuatl, refers to the hill in El Arenal where the distillery is located (Mount Cascahuín). The distillery was founded in 1904 by Salvador Rosales Briseno, and Salvador Torres and his son are the Master distillers of all the brands there. It's a good thing if your tequila is made here with these guys controlling things, and I'm sure someone like David Suro wouldn't trust his products here, if it wasn't one of the best distilleries. Tequila El Rey is owned by Steve Navarro, who is a business owner in the San Francisco Bay area, and along with his son Nick, manage the brand. Traditional methods are followed here, and according to the master distillers there are no additives, other than caramel coloring to balance the anejo color only, and that the brand is designed to be "soft and easy to drink."

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