As we remember La Virgen De Guadalupe.


La Virgen De Guadalupe is an Icon that is well known through out the western hemisphere as you can almost see her image anywhere you go. La Virgin De Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico. La Virgen is depicted with brown skin, an angel and moon at her feet and the rays of sunlight that encircle her. Her image has been used throughout Mexican history, not only as a religious icon but also as a sign of patriotism. Miguel Hidalgo used her image when he launched his revolt against the Spanish back in 1810. She could be seen on the rebels’ banners and their battle cry was “Long Live Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

"As the National Museum of Mexican Art describes, "Her name and image have become synonymous with Mexicanidad (Mexican-ness) as she embodies the central theme to which any study of Mexican identity must inevitably return."

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