Tequila, the spirit of all seasons.


Why do we consider tequila the spirit of all season's? The answer is simple. Tequila is the best around! Tequila is a true art form that can be enjoyed in any mood. Tequila is known for the occasional round of shots at the bar or even the key ingredient to margaritas. However, tequila is not just limited to these forms of drinking but can be enjoyed on the rocks, cocktails and can even be used in forms of cooking to add the additional flavor to any food. Tequila can be enjoyed with any mood and that's why El Rey brings you the classical aged tequila's such as Añejo and reposado as well as the option of silver, pineapple coconut, hibiscus and strawberry.  A variety of tequila for whatever fits your mood. 

“You should drink the tequila which better suits your mood more than what suits your meal. Because we don’t eat beautiful dishes just to get full, any more than we want to drink tequila because we are thirsty. Drinking tequila is an experience all on its own.”

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