Bats are an essential part in the making of tequila.


Did you know bats have an impact on how tequila is made? Agave is one of the only plants that pollinates at night to add that sweet base to every tequila bottle.Bats are an essential part on how the agave plants are grown as bats help pollenate each agave plant. However, the species has dropped a significant percentage due to it's "ecosystem being disrupted by large-scale, cheaper methods of making tequila." Growing agave naturally is an essential part of making tequila and that is why our own Cascahuín Distillery contributes to the preservation of bats by letting 2% of its Agave plants to bloom.

"You can't have tequila without agave, the spiky desert plant used as its base. And it's hard to have agave without bats — because a few species of these winged creatures are the plant's primary pollinators. Agave co-evolved with bats over thousands of years. As a result, it's one of the very few plants that pollinates at night. Daulton says industrial agave farming adversely affects both plants and bats."

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