"the blind leap of faith"


Joel Salcido, a photgrapher and writer from Texas who was born in Juarez, Mexico, takes a journey back to Mexico where he rediscovers the love of the rich culture, music and hard working people. Joel travels throughout different parts of Mexico in hope to reconnect with his mestizo-Native American roots. In doing so he also experienced the amount of heavy duty work the jimadores must engage in day after day in order to produce tequila. Joel goes on to write about his whole experience in his new book "The Spirit of Tequila."

“When I took on this project, which was strictly a personal project, I deliberately went out both to document this world of tequila, but also to see if I could relive my childhood memories, if I could find those special places that were unique and special to my childhood,” Salcido says. “As I dug into these beautiful towns in the state of Jalisco, I realized that it was all still there. This richness of culture, this richness of colors, and these beautiful people.”

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